Meet The Chef

Cooking is a love developed at home. So is the case with Omega Ellis, whose mother, Rosemary, and grandmothers, Bernie Dean and Bobbi, provided the essential ingredients to a budding cook. Omega’s first kitchen experiments began under their careful watch at the tender age of eight.

At fourteen, Omega ventured out of the home kitchen and into the food industry. Her first forays into the professional kitchen allowed Omega to shadow chefs in Atlantic City, continuing a love for creating and sharing good food. 

After many years in the kitchens of others, Omega now has her own. She is thankful for the help and care of wonderful mentors who guided her cooking journey. Each plate she makes is seasoned with the style of those she’s learned so much from.

It is her lifelong dream to own her own restaurant and she welcomes everyone to Omega’s to come enjoy personality on a plate!